Stop being a frustrated hard-gainer and reach your
muscular potential in the shortest period of time with
no more than 60 minutes of training per week.




There is a seriously lack of men who have achieved their physical potential!

Are you one of these guys who knows you should be taking better care of your body?

Has modern life robbed you of the opportunity to fit in regular exercise?

Have you done all the right things and followed the programs in the men’s magazines only to find muscle gains elusive?

Have you tapped out your beginner gains only to find yourself short of satisfied with your

Are you grinding away daily in the gym with little to show for it?

Can you justify the time spent in the gym for little to no gains?

Do you want to get started reaching your potential but have no idea what to do?

Are you ready for the next level?


Tired of training routines
that never live up to the hype?

Everywhere you look today in the magazines and on the internet is the some cookie cutter workout routine.

It looks something like this:

  • 3-4 exercises per bodypart
  • 3-4 sets per exercise
  • train 5-6 days a week
  • rinse and repeat

This routine is everywhere you look and it is always sold exactly the same way.

  1. Add one Cookie Cutter Volume Routine
  2. Add one shredded pro bodybuilder – most likely on steroids
  3. Add a supplement product or two which the bodybuilder or magazine get commission from
  4. Sell, Sell, Sell!

The effect?

Three months of beginner gains and then your progress stalls forever as you grind
daily – getting meagre imperceptible gains while spending hours and hours of time
stuck in the gym

What did you do wrong – you followed their program and they are huge?!

It must be your genetics?


You are a victim of muscle industry spin which uses chemically enhanced physiques
to sell programs that cannot work except for the most genetically gifted


Not everybody knows, but professional bodybuilding
is littered with performance enhancing drugs

What about organisations claiming to promote natural bodybuilding?

This is the worst part, even many natural organisations and natural physique stars are secretly using steroids.

That is correct, physique professionals posing as natural athletes are trading in on their bodies to sell you routines which
have nothing to do with their success.

Unless you take their ‘super supplements’ you will never get anywhere close to the results their routines promise.

So if the pro’s are selling bullshit, what can you do?


You need a method of training that cuts through the confusion and bullshit!

You need a program that is:

  • simple
  • scientific
  • safe
  • efficient
  • proven
  • logical

You need the wisdome of High Intensity

High intensity Training (HIT) is a method of training developed by the late Mike Mentzer who was
a 200 plus pound Mr Olympian in 1979.

He trained thousands of clients and built huge data sets while testing and refining his unique trailblazing

He discovered a set of principles that would change muscle building for those willing to think and apply
his maverick ideas.

HIT is the old school secret that leaves traditional training methods in the dust.

HIT sounds way too Intellectual for me?

No doubt Mentzer’s writing can be hard work digesting and it requires a lot of man hours to get through the dense text.

Luck for you, the hard work has been done for you!

Although reading his Heavy Duty 2 book is highly recommended, sometimes you just want to get moving and growing muscle fast.

This is why Intense Gains has taken Mentzer’s best ideas and created retro inspired High
Definition videos to show you everything you need to know to take advantage of HIT ideas and get building muscle right away!


HD RETRO has landed and it is the
best practical guide to HIT to date!

All you need to do is watch, listen and copy the routine contained within the video and you will be on the path to your genetic

This isn’t just some amateur youtube video taken with an iPhone4 camera and no budget – this is a professional product for
serious muscle growth.

If your gains have staled and you are ready for the next level you need to get on board

Only the dedicated need apply.


High Definition Video Workouts
We can tell you about how to lift the HD Retro way but we’d rather SHOW
you how its done. All the workouts for the program are filmed with
professional cinematography. Each workout video includes detailed
commentary explaining all aspects of the workout routine and lifting

Bonus #1: Ebook

This comprehensive PDF guide walks you through every step in finally get the old school Intense Gains HD Retro muscle building results. This covers
off the program, workouts, mindset and lifting technique so you know
exactly what to do when you hit the gym,

Bonus #2: HIT Primer

A primer explaining how to use the the program to ensure long
range progress. You’ll want to watch this a few times to get
your head across the concepts and hacks that will shatter
your previous knowledge of how to build muscle.

diet tips

Bonus #3: Diet Tips

Diet is so crucial when it comes to shedding fat and growing muscles. It’s the other half of the jigsaw puzzle and I had to give you a structure on
how to eat. These tips will ensure your muscles grow efficiently.

Bonus #4: Routines & Logs

Workout routines and logs that you can take to the gym to
write in or update via your phone. These will help you
record and ensure progress.


Strike out from the establishment and
achieve your dream body in record time!

This program requires less than 60 minutes of training time per week!

This does not mean it will be easy!

This program will have you training more intensely than anything you have done before but in return it will
stimulate the most muscle growth possible.

This program will teach you how to reach muscle failure with maximum intensity and it will teach you secrets
of recovery to ensure your muscle gains are fully maximised before your next workout.

No more cookie cutter routines pushed by
chemically enhanced fake naturals!

Do not get sucked into the bullshit of the industry and its money making machine.

You know they cannot admit to using steroids and growth.

How can you trust a program that was developed under the use of chemical enhancements?

It is simple.

You can’t.

“I train for less than 40
minutes a week, eat one
meal a day and haven’t
touched a steriod. I
contradict everything you
hear in a fitness magazine
and I’m ripped.”



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HIT personally rescued my body from the stalled progress I suffered after my first year of training.

It taught me and many of its dedicated adherents how to take the body to muscular limits without the need for drugs.

HIT saves time and it requires less than 60 minutes of exercise time per week.

HD RETRO reveals HIT secrets in a fraction of the time that it would take studying books.

HIT is so rare that finding a dedicated Personal Trainer is almost impossible and this product fills the gap
giving you an incredible resource that will have you executing HIT principles from your very first workout.

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